MicRoN mission focuses on providing education and training in light microscopy, from basic to more advanced techniques and data analysis. We believe that educating, supporting and fostering a collaborative environment between departments, empower trainees to make conscious decisions when preparing microscopy experiments, resulting in more rigorous and reproducible science, and provides them with new skillsets that they can use in their next adventures. 

The MicRoN Data Club is an informal, discussion-based meeting focusing on imaging and analysis approaches, fostering learning and collaboration between trainees in the departments on Immunology, Microbiology and Genetics and MicRoN core trainees. Formal presentations are not needed, nor a complete story, only your enthusiasm and curiosity. This is meant to foster a fun and collaborative environment to discuss with MicRoN staff and your peers about you light microscopy and analysis. 

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While light microscopy can produce breathtaking images of cells, tissues or organisms, it is inherently quantitative. This nature is what makes light microscopy a mighty tool for scientific discovery. The abundance of fluorescence microscopes in any department or institution makes us think that quantitative microscopy is as easy as putting your slide down and press "acquire". The reality is otherwise, as there are many aspects that will influence the interpretability of your image-based experiment: from sample preparation, to modality and specification of the instrument used, from controls and corrections, to how you analyze, present (visualize) and report (methods reporting). How do you design a rigorous microscopy experiment? What impacts your imaging? How to prepare images to display your microscopy data? What should I report in my methods? We build this site to help you find resources and tools to facilitate rigorous and reproducible microscopy.

Hold our hand and let's enter together into the wonderful world of reproducible microscopy!

MicRoN is organizing several Nanocourses for this Summer/Fall/Spring

1. Quantitative Microscopy and Data Analysis: This nanocourse will focus on general concepts on Quantitative Microscopy and what kind of information can be extracted from your microscopy data. 

2. Imaging Microbes: Anyone who knows me understands my love for bacteria. There is a ton of interesting imaging techniques that will enhance your understanding on the cellular biology of bacteria and other microbes, including host-pathogen interactions. In this nanocourse we will focus on 

3. Rigor and reproducibility in microscopy: Did you know your images are numbers? Do you understand the impact your sample and the microscopy you use have on data interpretation? Come and learn about experimental design and how to carry out rigorous and reproducible imaging!

4. Hands-on Multiphoton microscopy: Learn general and practical concepts on multiphoton microscopy.