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The MicRoN core is open to HMS Quad Faculty and Affiliated Hospitals. Priority is given to the departments of Genetics, Microbiology and Immunology and their affiliated faculty as well as GPiB trainees. We now offer access to microscopes with sufficient capacity to external/commercial users. 



The rates for FY2024, are described below. While MicRoN has been able to operate without changing the fees in the last few years, this FY we are increasing the fees to be able to support our trainees. These fees are approved by the Office of Finance in an annual basis. 

Curious about where these fees come from and what they cover? Please visit" Demystifying MicRoN Core Fees: Enhancing Transparency in Research Support"

Customer Type Service Type Regular

Prolonged use

(>8 h)


(Run by staff)

Late Cancellation
Internal Academic Widefield  $ 21.00  $ 12.00  $ 51.00  $ 11.00
  Confocal  $  32.00  $ 18.00  $ 62.00 $ 16
   SIM   $ 35.00        n/a  $ 65.00 $ 18.00
  Image Analysis  3.00  n/a   n/a  n/a
  IA Consulting  $ 60.00  n/a   n/a  n/a
   Training (scopes) $ 150.00  n/a   n/a  n/a
   Training (Image Analysis)  $ 50.00  n/a   n/a  n/a
External Academic Widefield  $ 27.00  $ 15.00  $ 65.00  $ 14.00
        Confocal  $ 41.00  $ 23.00  $ 79.00  $ 21.00
             SIM  $ 45.00        n/a  $ 83.00               $ 23.00
  Image Analysis  $4.00   n/a   n/a  n/a
  IA Consulting  $ 77.00  n/a   n/a  n/a
      Training (scopes)  $ 191.00  n/a   n/a  n/a
   Training (Image Analysis)  $ 64.00  n/a   n/a  n/a
Commercial*      Widefield  $        47.00  $             27.00  $       115.00  $                24.00
  Confocal  $ 72.00    $ 41.00       $ 140.00               $ 36.00
  SIM  $79.00  n/a  $ 146.00               $ 40.00
   Image Analysis        $ 7.00   n/a   n/a  n/a
   IA Consulting  $ 135.00  n/a   n/a  n/a
   Training (scopes)  $ 338.00  n/a   n/a  n/a
   Training (Image Analysis)  $ 113.00  n/a   n/a  n/a
   Project Initiation  $ 135.00  n/a   n/a  n/a

*25% discount is offered to commercial customers Blavatnik Life Lab tenants

Training Fees: One time fee per person and per microscope + hourly rate of the microscope.

Cancellation Policies: You must cancel your session as soon as you know you don't need it. Cancelling less than 24h in advance results in 50% charge, unless the session is booked by another user, in which case you will not be charged. No-show sessions result in FULL charge.

How does our training process work?



First Time


We want to meet you and discuss your experiment! We can help you figure out which microscope is right for you.

Once you are ready to go (e.g. you have your sample), the MicRoN staff will train you in the microscope of choice.

After the hands on training, you will have an assisted session to help you gain the confidence and independence to use the scope on your own.

Congratulations, you became an independent user! We encourage you to contact us if you have questions, need help during your session or you would like help optimizing acquisition.

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