Imaging Modality

  • Single point laser scanning confocal
  • Multiphoton imaging
  • FLIM (confocal and multiphoton)
  • Multiplexing (>6 color imaging)
  • Lightning (enhanced resolution)
  • Fixed and Live thick samples
  • Transmitted light
  • Long term live imaging (full environmental enclosure with CO2 or 95% O2 and active humidity)



  • Leica Upright DM6
  • Stellaris 8 Falcon DIVA
  • Motorized stage (Scientifica) 
  • Laser lines (confocal): 405 diode, WLL (440-790 nm tunable; 80Hz pulsed)
  • Laser Lines (multiphoton): Insight X3 dual beam (tunable 690-1300nm and fixed at 1040 nm)
  • Variable Beam Expander to adjust multiphoton excitation volume (optimize to improve resolution or depth)
  • Confocal detectors: 2 HyDS, 1 HyDX and 1 HyDR. All spectral
  • 4Tune Spectra non descanned spectral detection (multiphoton): 1 multi-alkali PMT, 2x HyD
  • Full environmental enclosure for live imaging (with active humidity)
  • LasX acquisition software

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