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Please join MicRoN to learn about the advanced imaging techniques supported by our new Leica Stellaris 8 DIVE confocal and multiphoton microscope (Divine Stella) and discover exciting research supported by this technology. You will learn about Multiplexing, Fluorescence lifetime imaging and how to implement it in your research, and the new confocal and multiphoton technology developed by Leica to support these advanced techniques. 

Join us in person at NRB350 seminar room (light refreshments will be served) or virtually in the following zoom link:; Password: 162442



Time Event Speaker and Affiliations Talk title
9:30 am Welcome and Introduction to MicRoN core mission Paula Montero Llopis (Core Director, HMS) -
9:40-10:05 am Overview of Leica Stellaris 8 DIVE technology Dan Tom and Philipp Isermann (Leica Confocal Specialists) -
  coffee break    
10:15 Research Talk 1 Olga Barreiro (Research Fellow, von Andrian Lab, HMS) Using FLIM-FRET to decipher the nanotopography of the endothelial adhesive platforms
10:45-11:15 Research Talk 2 Harikesh Wong (Assistant Professor of Biology, MIT & Ragon Institute Imaging the depths of the immune system
11:15-11:45 Research Talk 3 Rahul Pal (Research Fellow, Kumar Lab MGH/HMS) Fluorescence lifetime-guided detection and quantification of EGFR expression


Interested in seeing this instrument in action and/or learning more about the technology supported? Please check out our calendar. 


For more information, please contact Paula Montero Llopis at