Praju Vikas Anekal

Praju Vikas Anekal, PhD

Advanced Imaging Specialist
NRB 1030

Praju did his Ph.D. Singapore where he worked on cancer metastasis and the actomyosin network. Given the intricate spatiotemporal regulation of the actomyosin components, his work inevitably involved a large microscopy element. He promptly fell in love with imaging in all its facets. He continued with a Post Doc in San Diego California where he looked at cell -cell and cell matrix contact. Again, microscopy formed a major part of his work. It was at this time that he also became increasingly interested in shifting from qualitative imaging to much more quantitative image methods. After his postdoc, he returned to Singapore where to brought with him and grew his involvement in Bio-image analysis. It was during this time he was able to help other groups with their imaging and analysis question and he relished this challenge. As a result, he decided that he would jump from his own research focus and join a microscopy core in order to broaden the access to more researchers to Image analysis tools. He joined the BIRU, a microscopy core at the University of Auckland, New Zealand where he was very active in helping many groups with their entire imaging workflows from consulting of good experimental design, accurate image acquisition and robust image and data analysis. He joined MicRoN in September 2021 and he hopes his accumulated experience will help HMS researchers with their imaging and analysis needs.