1. Training requirement: You only have access to equipment you have been trained on by a member of the MicRoN staff and currently have access to in your PMS account.

2. Acknowledgement agreement: The MicRoN is supported by Harvard University through a TnT grant. To help us with grant renewal, we ask users to please acknowledge the "Microscopy Resources on the North Quad (MicRoN) core at Harvard Medical School" in any publications or public presentations that contain data acquired or analyzed in the MicRoN core.

3. Record microscopy usage: You must log onto and sign out any MicRoN microscope computers using your PPMS credentials.

4. Booking and using the microscopes: Please, do not let another person use the time you have book under your name. Cancel your remaining session and ask other users to book the microscope. Please, never share your eCommons/PPMS credentials with other users.

5. MicRoN users are not authorized to train or allow others to use a microscope in the MicRoN core. Please, do not allow anyone to use the microscopes if they haven’t been trained by the MicRoN staff.

6. Reservation limitations: The reservation limitations for each microscope are described at the top of the microscope's PPMS online scheduling page. If you are in dire need for more time, please contact the MicRoN manager (paula_monterollopis@hms.harvard.edu).

7. Cancellation Policy: You must cancel your session as soon as you know you don't need it. Cancelling less than 24h in advance results in the charge of 50% of the fee, unless the session is booked by another user. No-show sessions result in billing 100% of the fee.  

8. Report problems: Please if you notice that a microscope is not working appropriately or if you are not sure how to use the equipment, please report it to the MicRoN staff. If you break a slide/coverslip/dish, or drip a liquid/solution onto any part of the imaging system, or in any other way may have caused damage, you must report the problem immediately. You will not be in trouble if you report an issue/possible damage, only if you fail to do so.

9. Please, do not change the equipment: Do not remove objectives, filter cubes, or any microscope part you are not authorized to. Same for installing software, or reconfiguring settings in the acquisition software.

10. Data Managment: Please note, microscope computers are not long-term data storage devices. Please back up your data into your server/hard-drive as soon as possible.

COVID-19 Policy Update

MicRoN is a shared resource. Users from different departments are trained to operate our microscopes independently, and like any multi-use facility, the risk of SARS-CoV-2 virus transmission between individuals may be higher. In order to ensure the safe use of our facility, MicRoN has developed new protocols and policies in addition to the ones already in place. Our staff will disinfect the core every morning and ensure the appropriate supplies are available at each station. Please help us keep everyone safe by following these policies. Failure to comply will result in access to the core being revoked.  

  • Following HMS policies, all users are required to complete Covid-19 Safety Training prior entering the core, and wear face coverings at all times when using any of the core instruments.
  • If you have any Covid-19 symptoms (cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, sore throat, new GI symptoms, loss of taste or smell) please do not come to any of the core microscope rooms.
  • Only one user is allowed at any station at any given time.
  • Please respect the max room occupancy allowed in each microscope room. We will use a PPMS distancing module that only allows users to book certain systems when the other instruments are not in use, to ensure safe distancing between instruments.
  • Do not use any microscopes without booking. Doing this will impact the safe distancing PPMS module and expose others to risk. Any un-booked session that violates the max occupancy of a microscope room will result in immediate revocation of access to the core for a minimum of 2 weeks.
  • No peeking to see if a microscope is free. All booking and checking should be done online.
  • Gloves that have not been used to prepare samples are required when using the microscopes. Use 70% ethanol spray bottles periodically to disinfect them.
  • Please clean your samples (slides, secondary containment…) with 70% ethanol in your lab before bringing them into any microscope room.
  • If you are using any Covid-19 sample, you must contact the core before bringing it into the facility.
  • Users are required to disinfect the microscopes before and after use. All required supplies will be provided by MicRoN.
  • Please use saran wrap to cover the microscope body, focusing knobs or anything you may touch, the mouse and keyboard. Please dispose of it after use. If you prefer not to use saran wrap, make sure you use fresh gloves and disinfect the microscopes before and after use. Using saran wrap does not excuse you from disinfecting the microscope.
  • Safety goggles are provided in each station for your convenience. Please disinfect the goggles with 70% ethanol before and after use. If you prefer not to use them, please make sure to cover the oculars with the provided saran wrap. Dispose of it after your session and disinfect the microscope.

Disinfecting microscopes

Do NOT spray the microscope directly with 70% ethanol. Use paper towels or kimwipes on microscope surfaces.

Use 70% Ethanol to disinfect the microscope. Do not clean objective lenses. Use lens paper to wipe excess oil from objectives as usually.

Use Cavi-wipes or hydrogen peroxide wipes on tables, keyboard and anything that does not belong to the microscope.

Ensure you wipe down any surface your hands/body may have touched (switches, chair, tables, door handles…). If you are unsure of how to disinfect anything, please contact MicRoN.